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Tencel Denim
Революционные волокна из целлюлозы
Tencel Denim, with at least 40% Lyocell made by Tencel Limited., has been reshaping the concept of denim worldwide. Lyocell, the first truly revolutionary fiber introduced to the market since Spandex 40 years ago, is made from wood pulp. This new natural fiber provides all the durability we are looking for in a denim garment, yet it is not harsh to the body or tough-looking.
Lyocell is almost twice as strong as cotton. As a result, Tencel jeans make good sportswear. With a pair of Tencel jeans you can even climb a mountain or ride a horse with less fear of damage to the garment. For those who are very active, Tencel denim is the best choice.
More importantly, Tencel denim makes you feel much more comfortable than cotton denim. Tencel denim breathes better. When it is hot in the summer, this allows you to stay cooler. And Tencel can absorb more moisture than cotton, so that when you are sweating in a humid environment, you will feel dryer. In the winter, Tencel denim keeps your body warmer than cotton denim. It is also lighter and easier to pack than heavy jeans when you"re traveling to cold climates.
Even for casual and children"s wear, Tencel is the ultimate solution. Tencel denim has a very soft feel to the touch and can be made into various styles with different garment-washing effects like enzyme washing, bleaching, and over-dyeing. Tencel Denim offers people so much more to enjoy in a garment, it is no surprise our customers love it.
Types of Tencel Denim
Since 1992, Nien Foun has become very experienced in manufacturing Tencel denim. Tencel Denim is produced right from the yarn-spinning process to achieve the highest standard of quality. The company produces 100% Tencel denim, Tencel/cotton blended denim, Tencel/rayon blended denim, and Tencel/stretch blended denim.
100% Tencel denim is luxurious, self-indulging, and prestigious. Its very soft to the touch and drapes finely. It flows nicely with the body"s movements-absolutely an upscale denim.
Tencel/cotton denim creates a look with more body and excellent texture. For those who don"t want as much draping, this fabric is a good choice-very appropriated for menswear.
Tencel/rayon denim is best conceived of as a compromise between 100% Tencel and Tencel/cotton. Tencel/rayon makes a very good denim, softly textured with a great feel. Moreover, people love Tencel/rayon denim because it"s less expensive than 100% Tencel.
Nien Foun also produces piece-dyed version in some styles to pair up with Tencel denim. Our company is capable of making a variety of styles of Tencel denim of great quality.

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